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Wynd Essential Personal Air Purifier - Personal Space Air Purifier

Discover the perfect, portable air purifier featuring the power to adapt and clean the air wherever you choose from your home to auto to office.

  • Compact air purifier can fit in a bag perfect for travelling or placement in a car, hotel or office
  • With a medical-grade filter, clean the air of allergens such as smoke, dust, pet dander and pollution that can cause difficult breathing
  • Alerts you of air quality issues such as germs, odors, etc. in your neighborhood so you can be prepared if allergens present
  • Pulls in Ambient air from 360 degrees to maximize surface area for air intake

The Wynd Essential Smart Personal Air Purifier is small enough to fit into your bag but powerful enough to clean your personal space of pollens, smoke, dust, pet dander, mold and germs with a medical grade filter. It’s also knowledgeable about the air quality around your neighborhood so that it can give you needed alerts about allergens or pollution in the air. Simplified to the essentials, the Wynd Essential is a new way to breathe clean air wherever you go.


Rapid air purification based on rocket science. 

Take Essential Anywhere

8 hour battery life and no bigger than a water bottle.

Clean Air, Period

Filters 99.99% of germs and pollutants for up to 3 months

Automagically Clean

Connect your phone to clean your air exactly as needed.

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