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  • SnoreRx Stop Snoring Oral Appliance

    SnoreRX is the last sleeping mouthpiece you’ll ever need. Diminish snoring and improve your sleep with this feature-packed, non-invasive, easy-to-use and custom-fitted mouthpiece. Constructed of premium copolymer material, SnoreRx provides...
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    Smart Nora Snoring Solution Smart Nora Snoring Solution

    Smart Nora Snoring Solution

    Smart Nora detects early sounds of snoring and gently moves your pillow by inflating and deflating the padded insert. It's a slight movement you won't even notice or be awakened...
  • Bruxor Dental Guard

    Bruxism is a condition that includes teeth grinding and clenching often leading to jaw pain, chipped teeth, and morning headaches. It’s a frustrating condition but there is fortunately an intuitive...
  • Snore Strips - 40 pack

    Unlike other strips, Snore Strips are comfortable skin-friendly elastic bands that go on your cheeks, not on your nose. They work by pulling open your nasal airway, allowing you to...
  • Soundly - Free App

    Combine your love of games and love of sleep with Soundly, a first-of-its-kind voice-controlled game that combats snoring without the need for intrusive devices. Clinically approved and patent pending. The...
  • Do I Snore or Grind?

    To fix any issue you must first diagnose it – Do I Snore or Grind?  is the perfect ‘while-you-were-sleeping’ app. Do I Snore or Grind? recognizes your sleep sounds even with...
  • Puresleep Stop Snoring Solution

    The PureSleep device has an upper and a lower piece that you can join together in three settings, depending on your bite. After the pieces are connected, the device is...
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