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Somnox Sleep Robot - Sleep Robot Pillow from Somnox

The Somnox Sleep Robot is designed to help guide your breathing, focus your attention, and allow you to drift off easier.


Meet the Somnox Sleep Robot

The Somnox Sleep Robot is your ultimate companion for sleep. Simply lay with Somnox to get started.

-Automatically adapts to your personal breathing rate and gradually lowers this rate, bringing your body into relaxation

-Listen to soothing sounds like guided meditations, lullabies, and more

-With a shape designed for hugging, Somnox can help you feel safe and secure

What's In The Box?

Take Your Sleep To The Next Level.

Order your Somnox Sleep Robot today. 
If you’re not entirely satisfied, get a 30-night refund.

  1. The Somnox Sleep Robot
  2. Free Washable Sleeve
  3. Charger
  4. Sleep / Setup Guide
  5. Download link to mobile application (iOS and Android)







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