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LectroFan Fan Sound and White Noise Sound Machine


In the science of white noise, LectroFan is leading the way with its suite of products that produce a science-based array of sounds to help light sleepers finally experience quality shut-eye.

The LectroFan is ideal for relaxation, study, speech privacy, or any situation where you’d like more control of your audio environment. It’s also your personal white noise and fan sound machine to ensure a better night’s sleep and peaceful rest. The LectroFan offers twenty unique digital sounds to mask noises, and you can choose from ten different electric fan sounds and ten variations of pure white noise (including pink and brown noise variations).

All sounds can be personalized with pin-point volume control to select across a wide range of sound levels — from a whisper to many times louder than mechanical fan based conditioners.

About theLectroFan Sound Therapy Machine
  • Measures 4.4″ L x 4.4″ W x 2.2″ H
  • Perfect for any sleeping environment where unwanted and disruptive noises are present.
  • Perfect for baby nurseries, daycare centers, college dorms, apartments, hotel rooms, and office spaces.
  • Equipped with 10 white noise options and 10 fan sounds, a sleep timer, and seven sleep settings for every situation.
  • Sleep timer automatically shuts down after you've drifted off to sleep. Power is provided through a USB cable with an AC adapter, so you can operate it from a wall outlet or any powered USB port.
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