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EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for iPhone


We've partnered with doctors and scientists to bring you the best screen protector

• Ophthalmologist approved
• Third party tested
• Patented easy installation process
• Shatterproof shield

Why EyeJust?

EyeJust is dedicated to developing simple solutions for your phone and computer screens, so you can avoid the downsides of digital and the harmful rays of blue light. EyeJust screen protectors are easy-to-use and seamlessly fit into your everyday life. No bulky glasses or tricky application. Just apply like any other screen protector and get back to your daily digital life – only now you’ll be protecting your eyes, skin and sleep from the damages of blue light.

EyeJust’s mission is simple: to combat the negative effects of blue light emitted from digital devices in order to prevent eye damage, sleep disruption and pre-mature aging of the skin.




    Block the harmful blue light that is damaging your eyes, skin and sleep.

  • easy application

    No fuss process for easy, bubble free installation.


    Anti-shock technology gives your device ultimate protection.


    Invisible screen protection, does not damage the brightness or color of the display.


    EyeJust products are anti-microbial, to make your screen a germ free surface.


    Extra hard coating layer prevents scratches on screen.


    No smudges and no grime with our oil resistant design.


    No matter the reason, we'll send you an EyeJust replacement.





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