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2breathe Sleep Inducer

2breathe Sleep Inducer uses patented device-guided breathing technology to deliver proven sleep-inducing breathing exercises in an easy and effective manner. The Sleep Inducer fits comfortably around the torso - simply follow the guiding tones composed just for you and within minutes your mind and body begin drifting off to restful, relaxing sleep.

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Quick Details

  • Uses sound tones to guide and slow your breathing to help you drift to sleep
  • Adapted from proven, FDA-approved medical technology designed to reduce stress
  • Patented high resolution breathing pattern sensor
  • Sweat proof and can be worn over or under clothes

Product Features

  • Belt (1350mm x 19mm x 1.5mm) – The belt fits a torso circumference of 60cm (24’’) to 110cm (43’’).
  • Battery type: Button Cell Lithium rated at 3.0 Volts
  • Battery life: up to 6 months under typical, daily use of 30 minutes sessions. 3-years standby.
  • The belt is made of polyester elastic webbing
  • Bluetooth smart using TI standard reference design
  • Minimum requirements: iPhone 4s or newer, iPad mini, iPad 3 or newer

How does 2breathe technology work?

The inability to fall and stay asleep is often caused by wandering, intrusive thoughts and stress. To quiet our racing thoughts, many leading clinicians recommend specialized deep breathing exercises. 2breathe helps to induce sleep by delivering a 10 minute, personalized pre-sleep breathing session, that is proven to reduce sympathetic neural activity and help relax your mind and body towards sleep.

How long does it take to work?

Results vary from person to person. Some people experience the benefit straight away - others take longer. Benefits accumulate after a few weeks of daily use.

2breathe recommended use instructions are daily 10 minutes pre-sleep Breathe sessions, with a minimum of 40 minutes a week. After the first week, you may add in bed sleep sessions as needed. 

Using 2breathe

Step 1: Breathe Sit comfortably on a couch or lay in bed. Wear the sensor around your abdomen and breathe. Every inhale and exhale movement is wirelessly sent to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Step 2: Follow 2breathe transforms your breathing, in real time, into tones that gradually guide you to prolong exhalation and slow breathing. Just breathe with the guiding tones. Should you not follow the tones, a voice over will guide you to breathe In-sSync again.

Step 3: Relax & Sleep Within minutes, neural sympathetic activity is reduced, and your body and mind calm down. When you reach your 10 minutes In-Sync goal, the session will end automatically. Take off the sensor. It will shut off by itself. 

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