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Swannies Classic - Blue Light Blocking Glasses


The blue light emitted from your phone, tablet, or laptop can have a negative impact on your circadian rhythm by tricking your body and mind to stay awake.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors for kids and adults, Swannies feature:  Blue light blocking - Phone/tablet/laptop blue light protection for better sleep

Cool frames - Stylish, modern frame options in environmentally-friendly acetate composites

FDA registration -  Fully registered with the FDA


    From the SleepScore Labs study:

    • Users reported they fell asleep faster and were awake for less time during the night (24 fewer minutes on average) when using Swannies.
    • Users reported feeling sleepier at bedtime, sleeping through the night better, better overall sleep quality, and feeling more rested in the morning when using Swannies.
    • Overall, 73% of users felt Swannies improved their sleep.
    • SleepScore Labs sleep monitor measurements showed an increase in amount of deep sleep when using Swannies before bed.


    What study participants said:

    • "They fit well, are comfortable, and most of all really work to improve my sleep quality!"
    • "I can't imagine doing without them as Swannies absolutely improve the quality of my sleep in every aspect."
    • "really made a difference in my sleep & generally how I felt during the day."
    • "I really felt like when using a screen, particularly watching television, my eyes endured a lot less stress. I also felt myself getting sleepy like I 'normally' would when not engaged in screen viewing.

    SleepScore Studios

    From Swanwick

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