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Top-Rated apps for your Smart phone (iOS, Android) apps from SleepScore Labs, including the SleepScore Max device.
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  • SleepScore - Free App

    A revolutionary free app that tracks, analyzes, and delivers science-backed advice for sleep improvement using only your smartphone. Nothing to wear or place under your mattress. Ever. For more information...
  • SleepScore Max

    Compatible with iOS & Android As the world’s most advanced sleep improvement system, SleepScore Max gives you insight into the quality of your rest and personalized advice to make it...
  • Do I Snore or Grind?

    To fix any issue you must first diagnose it – Do I Snore or Grind?  is the perfect ‘while-you-were-sleeping’ app. Do I Snore or Grind? recognizes your sleep sounds even with...
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