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YAASA - The Infinity Blanket & SleepScore Max Bundle


YAASA - The Infinity Blanket

The perfect balance of luxury, design, & wellness.

It is the first blanket to use unique FDA determined* Celliant® fibers blended with organic cotton.

Celliant® is a revolutionary, patented fiber technology that recycles the body’s natural energy into infrared light that is then emitted back into the body’s tissue. Our blanket harnesses this energy and recycles it back to have a positive effect on your body’s overall health.

Infrared is a medically proven vasodilator, which means it can promote local blood flow, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality, and regulates body temperature, as well as aiding a more restful sleep.

Our Infinity blanket provides the perfect blend of comfort and wellness. Our innovative blended technology comprises of unique infrared yarn technology woven into premium organic cotton. Our Infinity blanket not only provides the comfort and warmth you need, but also supports your body’s natural functions and performance while you relax.

By improving blood flow and elevating transcutaneous oxygen levels this fabric technology Helps your body recover faster after physical activities. Our unique blend of materials creates an alluring luxury blanket that is designed for all ages, with the ability to soothe the body both inside and out.

Whether you’re relaxing at home in front of the fire, travelling long distances, recovering after a hike, or simply soothing those aches and pains - we’ve got you covered. Our blanket is machine washable and the technology’s effectiveness lasts forever.

Thoughtful Design: 

The light and dark grey neutral design fits with any décor. The Infinity Blanket uses eco-friendly materials; from the certified organic cotton to the FDA determined Celliant® fiber. The Celliant® fiber is made, in part, from recycled materials. Approximately 12 recycled plastic bottles are used in


the making of an Infinity blanket.

Luxury Throw Size: 60 x 80” / 150 x 200 cm

Materials & Care: 72% Organic Cotton. 28% Celliant® Polyester



SleepScore Max

Compatible with iOS & Android

As the world’s most advanced sleep improvement system, SleepScore Max gives you insight into the quality of your rest and personalized advice to make it better than ever. Completely non-contact, the device uses bio-motion sensors to measure your respiration and body movement, providing you with the most accurate sleep data available outside of a sleep lab. Through the SleepScore Max companion app, you can explore actionable steps to help improve your sleep, receive tailored recommendations for products and solutions, set individual goals, and much more.

How it works:

  1. Simply place the SleepScore Max monitor on your bedside table and set the companion SleepScore Max smartphone app to 'track.'  
  2. During the night, SleepScore Max tracks the four stages of sleep plus temperature and light and delivers your SleepScore in the morning. 

You'll continue receiving advice to improve your sleep as long as you track. 



  • Shown to enhance your sleep quality in 1 week**
  • Provides personalized, science-based advice informed by the world’s top sleep experts
  • Recommends validated sleep solutions
  • Features highly advanced and precise SleepScore by ResMed technology
  • Delivers a comprehensive sleep report to share with your doctor
  • Compares your nightly rest to an ideal night for people your age and gender

**After 3 days of use, 56.32% of users increased their amount of sleep by an average of 48 minutes per night for the next 3 nights. Based on analysis of over 1,000 users.

What’s In The Box

  • SleepScore Max device
  • Micro USB-B power cable and USB power supply

Power supply

  • Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.15A
  • Output: 5VDC, 1A
  • Type: USB-B

Current consumption (Max)

  • 100mA (5V input)

SleepScore Max App Features

  • Smart Alarm
  • Set Goals
  • Sleep History
  • Sleep Chart
  • Doctor Report
  • Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 10 and above, starting with iPhone 6, & Android phones running Android 6 Marshmallow and above.  For more information visit our FAQ page here.
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