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Raycop - RS2 Allergen Vacuum


Sleep better. Sleep healthier. Create an allergen-free sleep space with the high-performance Raycop RS2. 

The RAYCOP RS2 is our high-performance allergen vacuum.

Sleek design and rich in features, the RS2 provides thorough removal of dirt and dust mite matter from fabric surfaces. The RS2 removes 99.9% of dust in just 1 minute giving users effective relief of allergies.

Handle RS2

The RS2 features three operating modes to accommodate all fabric types.
Suction, pulsating pads and the rotating brush adjust depending on the mode to
maximize the amount of dust and allergens removed at a level appropriate for
the type of fabric.

  • Delicate mode: Careful suction and slower brush speed for delicate fabrics including decorative pillows, lighter sheets and curtains.
  • Normal mode: Moderate suction and brush speed for sturdier fabrics like blankets, bed pillows, and thicker sheets.
  • Heavy mode: Strong suction and higher brush speed for mattresses, heavy comforters and upholstered furniture.

The stylish storage stand allows you to keep your RAYCOP anywhere in the house for easy access.

The RS2 also features a retractable cord. With the press of a button, the cord reels in and is stored within the device so it’s never in your way. With the storage stand and retractable cord, the RS2 occupies less storage space and fits naturally in your home interior.

RS2 next to bed
Clean and dirty filter

The filter warning light will turn from blue to red when it is time to clean the filter. In addition to the warning light, there will be a chime every 15 seconds while the device is on to alert you that the dust box filter requires cleaning.

Standard filter maintenance alert.

The RS2 incorporates a pressure sensor which detects the amount of dust on the filter, and notifies the user when the dust box filter requires cleaning.

Rayclean Technology® is incorporated into all RAYCOP devices


Similar to the technology used in air purifiers and manufacturing cleanrooms, RAYCOP incorporates HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) into its devices. The HEPA filter captures particles as small as 0.3um and traps 99.9% of allergens without releasing them back into the air.

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