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Propeaq offers wearers the opportunity to get blue light on demand to help keep their circadian rhythm in check. These frames also come with interchangeable orange-colored lenses to wear in the hours before bed to reduce blue light exposure, so drifting off at bedtime comes naturally and with ease.

Quick Details

  • Wearable light therapy
  • Get 30 minutes of active blue light per day to maintain your sleep/wake rhythm
  • Propeaq light therapy glasses are used by top athletes, night workers, and travelers
  • Switch to orange lenses in the evening to block blue light from digital devices to feel sleepy naturally at bedtime

Product Features

  • 1x ProPeaq Light Glasses
  • 2x interchangeable lenses (light blue & orange)
  • 1x Protective case
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 2x Free app (iOS / Android) - 1 to prevent a jet lag & 1 to fight the energy dip during shiftwork

Lighting in our lives

  • Humans require light to live.
  • In nature, the day begins with bluish daylight which starts all sorts of processes, like waking us up and providing energy. This continues until the sun goes down and turns red.
  • Our bodies start winding down for sleep. That’s how it works naturally.
  • But we live in artificial lights, travel between time zones, and work around the clock.
  • Get blue light when you need it, and blue light blocking in the evening, to maintain healthy sleep habits.

Propeaq details:

  • Size: 150 x 40 x 170 mm – One size fits all
  • Weight: 41 gram
  • Light spectre: blue light, free of UV- and IR light
  • Light intensity: 40 lux
  • Battery: Integrated rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery
  • Capacity battery: 2.5 hours (appr. 5 days)
  • Technical lifespan: > 10.000 burning hours
  • Standardization: CE-quality mark
  • Manual: Dutch, English, German, French
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