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Ebb® with PrecisionCool™ Technology

Ebb® CoolDrift™ is a drug-free sleep system that uses continuous and precise cooling to reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of the brain. As a SleepScore Validated product, Ebb CoolDrift quiets the feeling of a racing mind and allows you to fall asleep faster and find healthier, more restorative sleep.

Quick Details

  • Wearable cooling sleep technology
  • Calms the overactive or racing mind that prevents sleep
  • Adaptive Sound listens to your environment and responds instantly by adjusting audio volume
  • For people with chronic or occasional sleeplessness
  • Clinically validated
  • No next day side effects

Product Features

  • 5 temperature settings let you choose what feels most comfortable for you
  • Rechargeable battery for portable use
  • Adjustable for all head sizes
  • Includes 1 fluid cartridge
  • 60-night money back guarantee

Cool the mind

The cooling and calming nature of CoolDrift is designed to counteract the way your mind reacts to stressful situations, allowing you to reach restorative sleep quicker so you can be at peak performance the next day.

Comfortband and always-cooling cushion

  • The triple-layered headband is engineered to fit all head shapes and sizes, ensuring comfort through the night. The proprietary cushion allows for the ideal-temperature cooling to hit just the right spots of your head, to help calm you and enable sleep.
  • Featuring custom temperature control, so you can adjust to what feels right for you.

Validated to improve sleep

  • Forehead cooling has been shown to reduce the time to fall asleep
  • 8 out of 10 users reported falling asleep faster and experienced improved sleep quality
  • Ebb can relieve hot flashes too

Success takes time

  • Ebb challenges you to invest 14 nights to get acclimated to this sleep solution, including the gentle cooling, soft sound, and unique experience. Returns are accepted if your experience isn’t as desired.
  • To ensure that your Ebb functions properly, the fluid cartridge will need to be replaced every 2-4 months ($29). Replace the ComfortBand every 6 months or as needed based on normal wear and tear ($69).

Better sleep with SleepScore

SleepScore Validated products have been shown to improve sleep in SleepScore Labs’ extensive studies. This is your assurance that the product works as described for many people and has been evaluated at a higher level than the rest of the curated products.

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