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Swannies Blue-Light Blocking Glasses


Don’t let late-night social media sessions, binge-watching or work emails keep you awake any longer. The strong blue light emitted from your phone, tablet or laptop can have a negative impact on your circadian rhythm by tricking your body and mind to stay awake.

Swanwick products block this powerful light wave and can be worn if you find yourself staring at your screen at bedtime. Swanwick products are FDA approved and not only help improve sleep cycles but can also ward off macular degeneration. We got your back, Maverick.

About Swannies

  • Sleep Better: Do you have trouble sleeping? You sleep better when you wear your Swannies computer screen reader glasses.
  • Look Cooler: Most computer glasses and video gaming glasses are not cool! They’re clunky, unstylish and make you look silly. You can rock your Swannies display glasses and still be super stylish!
  • Protect your Eyes: Orange lenses block more blue light than any other computer reading glasses. Anti-Reflective + Anti-Glare lens coating prevents insomnia and macular degeneration.
  • Acetate Frames: An Environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Strong, lightweight and flexible, can be shaped to your face for a perfect fit and be readjusted.
  • FDA Registered: Swanwick Sleep is fully registered with the Food and Drug Administration to import Class I Medical Devices.


From the SleepScore Labs study:

  • Users reported they fell asleep faster and were awake for less time during the night (24 fewer minutes on average) when using Swannies.
  • Users reported feeling sleepier at bedtime, sleeping through the night better, better overall sleep quality, and feeling more rested in the morning when using Swannies.
  • Overall, 73% of users felt Swannies improved their sleep.
  • SleepScore Labs sleep monitor measurements showed an increase in amount of deep sleep when using Swannies before bed.


What study participants said:

  • "They fit well, are comfortable, and most of all really work to improve my sleep quality!"
  • "I can't imagine doing without them as Swannies absolutely improve the quality of my sleep in every aspect."
  • "really made a difference in my sleep & generally how I felt during the day."
  • "I really felt like when using a screen, particularly watching television, my eyes endured a lot less stress. I also felt myself getting sleepy like I 'normally' would when not engaged in screen viewing."


SleepScore Studios

From Swanwick

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