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Spoonk Organic Hemp Acupressure Mat Regular


The Spoonk Organic Hemp Mat works on the simple principle of acupressure - the healing art known as the Shiatsu massage. By stimulating increased circulation with 6210 acupressure points on problematic areas, you relieve muscle tension and pain, while at the same time rejuvenating and rebalancing the whole body.

Spoonk Organic Hemp Mats feature:

  • 1 regular organic hemp mat with carrying bag - 67.5cm x 40cm/26.6” x 15.7”
  • High quality, non-toxic, hypoallergenic ABS plastic construction
  • Plant-based, USA-made, CertiPur-US Eco-foam free from PBDE flame retardants
  • The highest quality GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic hemp and cotton fabric.

The Spoonk Organic Hemp Mats are clinically tested:

  • 94% Improved sleep quality
  • 98% Experienced muscle pain relief
  • 96% Experienced deep relaxation

Recommended by Doctors:

“Spoonk Acupressure Mat: Acupressure mats provide natural and powerful back-pain relief and body and mind relaxation. Using a Spoonk acupressure mat helps to increase your parasympathetic nervous system and get you into deep relaxation before sleep.” -New York Times best-selling author, “Eat Fat, Get Thin” Mark Hyman, MD.

How to use:

Sleep Induction & Back Treatment:

  • Lie down on your back against the Spoonk mat in your bed. We recommend direct skin contact with the mat for 20-40 minutes for the best effect.
  • The initially strong sensation of the stimulation spikes will subside after 1-2 minutes as relaxation spreads throughout the body, reducing stiffness and pain. A tolerance can be built up by gradually increasing the time on the mat. If you find the sensation too strong, we recommend you start with a T-shirt thin enough to feel the stimulation points.
  • Once you reach a deeper level of relaxation, you are ready to remove the mat and go to sleep. Relaxation before sleep is crucial to achieving deeper and sounder sleep.
  • Deep sleep helps us produce the growth hormone which is needed to boost our immune system, help us look younger, and aid healing in general.
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