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Gravity Blanket - Weighted Gravity Blanket & Duvet


Gravity Blanket is a weighted blanket that uses deep touch pressure stimulation to simulate the feeling of being held or hugged. In our SleepScore Labs validation study, we found that people who used Gravity Blanket experienced significantly less time awake during the night.

  • A premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket engineered to be around 10% of your body weight
  • Blanket is 72" x 48" (similar in size to a throw), providing a grounding experience for one user at a time
  • Gridded stitching ensures the weighted blanket's internal micro beads remain uniformly distributed
  • Blanket comes with a micro-fiber duvet cover that is super soft and removable
  • Internal clasps keep the inner weighted blanket soundly in place inside the duvet
  • Duvet is machine washable, inner weighted blanket is hand wash only

Gravity Blankets help you get deeper sleep

Gravity maximizes relaxation and minimizes body movement for a deeper REM cycle. A combination of ultra-soft microfibers and distributed weight makes this the most comfortable blanket ever. Studies have shown weighted blankets increase serotonin and melatonin, and decrease cortisol

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